Virtualization Live-Backups

Backups were always a fundamental mechanism to ensure the data security in case of hardware failure or disaster recovery.

Currently there are a handful of solutions to automate file backups, full Operating Systems backup and even Virtual Machines backup. However, when you want to deploy a professional Virtual Machine Live-Backup infrastructure, the equipment hardware and software licensing will raise the TCO and you will probably discard the solution and choose something less expensive and less secure.

VIRTUALIZER® Live-Backups allow you to live-backup your Virtual Machines without forcing you to shutdown the VM Operating System (Guest OS) with conventional storages for a fair price.

Features / Keypoints

Virtual Machines Live-Backups to a remote NAS

  • Live-backup without needing to shutdown the Virtual Machine
  • Seamless backup action, undetectable for the VM Guest Operating System
  • Compatible with conventional network storages (NAS and SAN)


How does it work?

VIRTUALIZER® supports Live-Backup mechanism that allows you to backup your Virtual Machines without needing to shutdown the entire VM.

It's possible to do that since VIRTUALIZER® supports the Block Level live-snapshot (bare metal) allowing you to backup your VM on the runtime. This procedure is seamless and your VM Operating System will not detect the operating, even if you are virtualizing a complex Application Server such as an ERP or Corporate CRM.

You can export your VM disks to an external standard storage using NFS (NAS architecture) or iSCSI (IP SAN architecture).

The best thing about VIRTUALIZER® Live-Backups is the fact that it works with any conventional Operating System (Windows, GNU/Linux, etc) because it does not need any user-agent on the Virtual Machine OS.

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