VIRTUALIZER works with all formats

In nowadays virtualizing is a mandatory action for modern organizations and in most of the cases they already have some virtualization tool in production when they decide to try another technology. However this process will be very hard since it will imply the Virtual Machine migration between technologies.

To facilitate this process VIRTUALIZER® allows you to use your existent Virtual Machines out of the box.

VIRTUALIZER® supports the most used industry Virtual Machine formats such as:

  • VMware® ESX / ESXi / Workstation
  • Microsoft® Hyper-V
  • Virtual Box®
  • Citrix® Xen source
  • RAW HDD imagens / Physical to Virtual images

Features / Keypoints

Full Compatibility
VIRTUALIZER® is compatible with all industry formats: VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, VirtualBox, etc.

  • Seamless support of other Virtualization technologies.
  • Easy migration, just dragging and dropping using VIRTUALIZER® shared folder.
  • One unique platform for everything.

Full Compatiblity

How does it work?

VIRTUALIZER® supports most used industry Virtual Machine format, such as VMDK, VHD, etc.

If you already have an existent Virtual Machine ~(eg: Hyper-V) you can copy your Virtual Disk directly into VIRTUALIZER®. Since it exports all the DataStores on your network (VIRTUALIZER® works like a File Server/NAS on your Network)~~ your can copy your Virtual Machine just dragging and dropping it on the shared folder.

After copying your VM into the VIRTUALIZER® Data Store you can directly import the disks and start your VM right the way.

This functionality not only avoid the migration time but also facilitate the process of switching between virtualization technologies.

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This feature is available on free version and under suppport contract. Know more about aviable Service Level Agreements.