Virtualization Cluster

Better performance and super reliability is one of the most desired things in IT business. Almost every IT manager is always afraid of loosing data or getting into a "downtime valley" that can put every IT services at risk.

Performance and reliability are always connected with the Business Continuity concept and could be achieved using cluster and advanced backup solutions and scenarios. VIRTUALIZER® Cluster (or V-Cluster) is one of the best ways to keep your infrastructure solid as rock even when your hardware fails.

V-Cluster technology keeps two VIRTUALIZER® servers in a complete synch in order to ensure the data security in case of hardware failure.

Features / Keypoints

Live Synchronization between two VIRTUALIZERĀ® servers

  • Live Synchronization between two VIRTUALIZER® servers
  • Real-time Virtual Machine data synchronization
  • Offline Virtual Machine data synchronization (asynch)


How does it work?

VIRTUALIZER® supports cluster mechanisms that allows you to keep in synch your Virtual Machines between a master virtualization server and a slave server.

Both VIRTUALIZER® servers are connected through a conventional IP network in order to exchange the data between cluster platforms.

Unlike other solutions, to keep your cluster up you don't need to deploy a standard architecture with a central network storage (NAS/SAN). Unlike others, VIRTUALIZER® can replicate data to the slave server without needing a central storage server.

The master VIRTUALIZER® will keep a synch image of your virtual machines on the slave. You can power on the replicated VMs on the slave server in case of hardware failure or disaster recovery.

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