VIRTUALIZER® is a bare-metal virtualization technology that can be used in any modern server hardware.

It was built for professional use and can be placed in any corporate scenario, including common enterprise infrastructure or even complex data-centers.

With VIRTUALIZER® you can virtualize all your servers and manage them with a modern Web-Browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

"Powerful, Flexible, Reliable

USB Ready Install
VIRTUALIZER® is ready to be installed on a standard USB flash. This, not only spares your HDD disks, but also enhance your server security and reliability because VIRTUALIZER® will run in read-only protected mode.

Hardware Acceleration
VIRTUALIZER® is ready to work with recent CPU generations with hardware virtualization support. This will provide you with faster virtual machines and also more reliable virtualization architectures.

View in Detail
Compare VIRTUALIZER® products side by side with all the technical details.

Virtual Rack

With the new Virtual Rack you can see your Virtual Machines like you will expect to see them on a conventional physical rack in your Data Center. This turns the infrastructure to be more friendly to manage and deploy.

Virtual Machines

It was never been so easy to deploy and manage Virtual Machines on an enterprise virtual infrastructure. Now you can create your VM within seconds and see it right away on your Virtual Rack. Try it!

Virtual Switches

With the new intuitive Virtual Switchs you can deploy a complete virtual network infraestructure within seconds. You can also define VLANS and QoS (Quality of Service) on each virtual ethernet port. All of this functionalities can be integrated with physical switches on your real Data Center rack.

VIRTUALIZER® is now part of the next generation virtualization platforms. It was built to be flexible, very fast and also reliable in all IT business scenarios. VIRTUALIZER® was built to last.

We recomend VIRTUALIZER® for all our network projects because it allow us to create HA (Hight Availability) architectures and scenarios.

Why should we make backups of our ERP applications and databases if we can make a backup of the full system without needing to poweroff the machines? Live-Backups and VIRTUALIZER Clustering revolutionized our way of deploying seucrity & HA architectures.

F. Gonçalo
Senior Engineer

Full Web Management

To manage your VIRTUALIZER® you will only need a mordern Web Browser. You will never need to install administrative tools again on your computer to manage your virtual infraestructure. Best of all, you will be able to manage your Virtual Machines from any side of the world using your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

VIRTUALIZER® web management gui will simplify your life.

Why choose VIRTUALIZER®?

There are a variety of virtualization solutions on the market, so why you should choose VIRTUALIZER®?

The answer is simple: Because VIRTUALIZER® is the only enterprise solution for virtualization that gives you flexibility, friendly web-management interfaces, advanced virtualizations features, iron reliability and professional support for a fair price.

If your want to know more, please visit the full Technical Specification area.

Compatible With All Technologies
You can run VMware®, Hyper-V®, Xen® and VirtualBox® VMs on VIRTUALIZER®
Virtual Machines Live-Backups to a remote NAS

VIRTUALIZER Works With All Industry Hardware

Live Synchronization between two VIRTUALIZER® servers