for enterprise scenarios

You can use your VIRTUALIZER® in many enterprise scenarios applying virtualization technology and its benefits on your infrastructure.

Applying virtualization architectures on an enterprise scenario can enhance the performance of your ERP databases, maximize the security of your Guest OS and give you a lot more benefits than legacy technologies.

But, the best of all, with VIRTUALIZER® you will optimize your hardware usage allowing you to economize not only in servers and hardware but also on energy and cooling systems.

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Enterprise Solutions

Virtualize your ERP
One of the most important Application Servers on a modern organization is the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). VIRTUALIZER® can help you to enhance the security and reliability of your ERP using Virtual Infrastructure. Also you can enforce the security your data using Live-Backups of the entire ERP Operating System.

Virtual VOIP PBX
Voice communications are a crucial tools for most of business divisions. Without phone calls most business opportunities will be lost turning the PBX one of the most important systems of your IT infrastructure. This article shows you how to configure an IP-PBX virtual appliance on your Organization.

Virtualize your Domain Controller without user CALs
Every modern organization has the need to enforce security policies on the network resources, such as computers and servers. The standard solution for this scenarios is deploying a Domain Controller with Active Directory and Group Policy Objects (GPO). This article shows how to configure your Domain Controller in a Virtual Infrastructure without user CALs.

VIRTUALIZER Works With All Industry Hardware