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All certified partners have access to a range of additional VIRTUALIZER® information. They can develop all kinds of business around the technology, including reselling first-line support to their customers.


All distribution partners can distribute certified VIRUTALIZER® deployments on their own machines in all distribution channel . They can also have access to private OpenMarket versions with pre-installed virtual machines according to their specific trade protocols with the various software houses (such as Microsoft®, Canonical®,redHat® etc.).


All hardware partners can certify their machines for VIRTUALIZER® technology. VIRTUALIZER® shoud be compatible with most of the modern i386/i686 architectures, however, we are available to create a specific Brand/Model list of verified hardware servers. Moreover they can also distribute, associated with the hardware, VIRTUALIZER® technology in all their equipment.

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Academy Program
If you are an Academy Institution, we also have a program for you