Knowlege is everything

Because knowlege is everything, we are commited to create synergies with academic institutions in order to provide formal mechanisms with students to have access to our technology and knowlege-base without boundaries.

One of the keypoints of this project is to provide knowledge certification to the students that are interested to have a VIRTUALIZER® certification licence. To do that, they need to request in their academic institution to contact us in order to plan a certification test.

All the students, even from institutions that are not yet Academy Partners are welcome to contact us.

VIRTUALIZER is a virtualization tool that combines ease of use typical from the workstation solutions with the power and the reliability of server virtualization solutions.

It seems to me to be a very interesting tool to use in the academic environment. I plan to use during the next semester in the Thematic Project in Telematics course as a way to capitalize the equipment assigned to each group of students and thus allow students to virtualize multiple servers on each machine.

I also expect to use it in System Administration classes in order to introduce to the students a tool specially designed for server virtualization.
Pedro Gonçalves
Senior Teacher / Eng. Degrees
Universidade de Aveiro | ESTGA
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