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Why support is good?

Having a supported VIRTUALIZER® is not only good because you are secure when something fails, but you will have also other benefits.

If you activate the support services on your system, we will provide you access to ThinkDigital openMaket~~ and then you will have access to all our produts in a mini version. (Know more here)

Moreover, you will also have access to the Data Security and HA (High Availability) mechanisms, such as Live-Backups and V-Cluster to enhance the security of your virtualization infrastructure.

Why we can help?

VIRTUALIZER® is a very secure and reliable technology, however, some times humans make mistakes during the day by day management and then your infrastructure will be in trouble. When it happens it will be desirable to have the lowest downtime possible.

When you have the experts in, every thing seams much more easy and the solution will come faster.

Try it! Let us help.